Our products line NORDISCAN-PL is intended for a fully automatic off-line Ultrasonic and/or Eddy Current examination of plates and slabs made of steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.

General concept of NORDISCAN-PL is based on a previous generation of our product for an off-line examination of plates SEVER-10.

Depending on the industrial task NORDISCAN-PL can be equipped with different types of ultrasonic and/or Eddy Current (EC) probes, allowing:

– Surface and subsurface defects detection;

– Internal defects detection;

– Plates thickness measurements.

Combination of ultrasonic and EC probes provides an extremely stable, reliable, and reproducible test results in accordance with the strictest international norms and standards.

Application of Phase Array probes allows a very intelligent ultrasonic examination of plates/slabs with an extreme waviness, in a very broad range of thickness.

For detecting of surface defects both UT-probes and EC-probes can be applied.

Calibration is fast and fully automatic.

Plates/Slabs to Be Tested Typical Specification

– Thickness:  5 mm – 400 mm;

– Curvature: Up to 20 mm/m;

– Material: steel, aluminum, titanium, copper etc.;

– Edges: cut and/or not cut.

Reference Defects to Be Detected

– Internal Defects: FBH 0,8 – FBH 6,4   depending on the material to be tested;

– Surface Defects: Notch (longitudinal or transversal) 0,2 mm – 3,0 mm depending on

  the material and surface conditions.

Untested Zones Typical Specification (internal defects)

– From surfaces: 2 – 3 mm depending on the material to be tested and type of the

  UT-probes to be applied;

– At edges: 2 – 15 mm depending on the material to be tested and type of the

  UT-probes to be applied.

Types of multichannel ultrasonic/EC probes to be applied:

– Arrays of the EMAT-probes (non-contact);

– Phase array UT-probes (couplant is required);

– Array UT- probes (couplant is required);

– Eddy-current probes (non-contact).

Capacity of the test station

Reference time for testing of one plate 4000mm x 12000mm: 200 s